Affordable Van Hire Packages from Vanango!

Having a reliable fleet of vehicles is one of the most important aspects of many businesses. At Vanago we make the process easy with a range of affordable commercial vehicle packages that will meet your business needs you can invest in the right deal for you.

We understand that finding cost-effective solutions for your business is a number one priority for many. Our wide range of stock includes electrics vans, used and various van leasing options so finding exactly what you need is easier than ever! Look no further than us for bespoke Hire Purchase agreements with first-rate vehicles.

Make a Smart Choice For Your Business

Hiring a van is stress-free with Vanango! Whether you need a small runaround or a large van, we can find a vehicle and package that works for you and doesn’t leave you out of pocket.

Securing your van leasing deal takes just three simple steps:

  • Pay the deposit for the van of your choice
  • Hire the van for the length of your agreed contract
  • Make a final monthly payment to assume ownership of the van

You’ll have a reliable commercial vehicle in no time at all!

Hire Purchase Agreements: What's the Small Print?

So, what do you need to know about our popular van Hire Purchase packages?

Put simply, our van Hire Purchase options allow businesses to take advantage of convenient and cost-effective financing payments without the hefty upfront costs. You will be responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the vehicle, but you won’t be tied into unrealistic mileage limits. You also won’t be charged extortionate rates for wear and tear.

Step one is paying the deposit for the van of your choice. This is typically the VAT of the vehicle (rated at 20%), but there are flexible options available. By paying more upfront, you can reduce your monthly payments.

When you choose one of Vanango's Hire Purchase packages, rest assured that your monthly payments remain fixed. You also have the flexibility to choose your repayment term, which can be between 2-5 years.

Drive Your Business Fleet Forward With Our Hire Purchase Packages

Vanango Hire Purchase agreements have been designed to benefit businesses, offering a convenient solution to Commercial vehicle ownership. Choose Vanango for the following:

  • Choose flexible repayment terms from 2-5 years
  • Offset your next VAT return with the van’s deposit
  • Get the first year of your Road Fund Licence at no extra cost
  • Add a new asset to your company’s balance sheet
  • Take full ownership of the vehicle at the end of the contract
  • Benefit from fixed monthly payments (not subject to VAT)
  • Claim interest against your business’ tax bill

Applying for Van Hire Purchase Packages

Before you are given the green light, you will need to undergo standard checks from van finance companies as part of your financing application. Typically, companies will look for the following:

  • A full UK driving licence
  • Proof of regular income
  • Proof of UK residency
  • Your address history of at least three years

When purchasing a van for commercial use, you may also need to provide proof that your company’s director can assist as a guarantor.

Discuss Your Business Requirements with Vanango

To discuss your business requirements, get in touch with the team at Vanango today. As specialists in the field, we are well-equipped to help your business find the perfect van contract hire or purchasing solutions.

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