Whats the best van for an Electrician?

Domestic electrician, commercial electrician, or contractor having the right van for your job is important, but what should you go with? small, medium-sized or large? Luckily Vanango have a wide range to choose from.


What Size Van?

The size of van you pick will depend mainly on the types of job you most-commonly do. If your business is set up for small-scale jobs, you'll probably want to choose a from the Ford Transit Connect or Citroen Berlingo.

For those upscaling their business, the types of supplies you carry would lean you towards vans of a medium size such as the ever popular Ford Transit Custom or the Vauxhall Vivaro.

But when you find yourself carrying equipment for larger jobs such as cabling, trunking, ladders etc then maybe you should consider the larger vans on the market like the Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit.


What your van says about you and your business?

Your van is so much more than just a place to keep tools, it's your shopfront, recent studies  we showed that 70% of homeowners said they wouldn't have any confidence in a tradesperson (electrician or not) whose van didn't have their logo on it, and almost 44% would question the professionalism or quality of the work done by someone driving an unpresentable old van.