Van Leasing: How Does it Work?

If you are seeking a new van for your business, no doubt your first thought was buying
one. But have you ever considered leasing one? Whether you are a sole trader or a part of
a large fleet of vehicles, leasing can be a great option.

The chances are, leasing a van or commercial vehicle will work well for you but it certainly
helps to know a bit about how the process works before you acquire your new vehicle!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the van leasing process and what you need to know
to help you make an informed decision about your future van.

What is van leasing?

Essentially, leasing a van involves renting the vehicle for a specific period of time without
actually purchasing it. It works as a long-term rental agreement and allows you to use the
van freely but within the set period of time, you have agreed upon.

Often, at the start of a lease contract, you will pay an initial rental fee which is then
followed by a series of payments over an allocated length of time. At the end of the
contract, the van will be given back to the provider and you will have no further
responsibility for the van.

The customer can then lease another type of van or purchase one, the choice very much
falls to them. Over the last few years, leasing has grown in popularity due to the flexibility
of it and the fact that it offers a cheaper solution to buying a van.

Another attractive element is that once you are finished with the van, the provider is
responsible for any action they wish to take, for example, selling it.


How does it work?

It really is simple, once you’ve found a van you like the look of and suits your needs there
are just a few simple steps you need to take. You’ll be required to sign a contractual
agreement that includes your personal details and how long you’ll require the van for. As
well as this you may be required to go through a credit check.

This varies depending on the provider you use but often it is just to see if you are eligible
for vehicle leasing. Once you’ve been given the go-ahead, you’ll pay a deposit, the finance

documents will be handed over and they will organise a delivery date for your van or you
will be able to pick it up. It really is that easy!

Here at Vanago, as an established van leasing broker, we are able to provide you with the
highest quality vans, available to be leased directly from us. If you have any questions
about our van leasing offers, then please feel free to contact us today on 01733 595890 and
our team will be happy to assist you.