Buying or Leasing a Van: Which is Best?

A van is a huge and important investment - especially if you are using it for work. With
that in mind, you must take the time to consider whether you wish to lease or buy your
van. Which option you go for may depend on your circumstances and your preferences
but either way, it’s great to weigh up the pros and cons.

So, here we look at which option might best suit you. Let’s take a look!

Leasing a van

Leasing a van is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing one outright. With this option,
you will pay a fixed price for use of the van. At the end of the lease agreement, you will
need to return the van to the provider, this is because you do not own the van and don’t
carry any further responsibility for it. With van leasing, you don’t need to worry about
selling the van or concern yourself about what to do with it once you’re finished with it as
the responsibility lies with the provider.

Below we list a few of the main perks of van leasing:

● You will have fixed monthly rentals which for some people is a much easier option
and a lot more manageable.

● You’ll be driving a brand new van - which you may otherwise not been able to

● You'll often have the option of flexible duration and mileage terms to suit your
specific needs.

● Zero ownership risks.

Buying a van

This is pretty self-explanatory but buying a van involves a person or a business deciding to
purchase the van outright. If you opt to buy your van, you will now be the sole owner of
the vehicle and this means that you are very much free to use the van without any kind of restrictions.                                                             Although, will also need to take full responsibility for selling or disposing of
the vehicle when it is no longer needed.
Below we list a few of the main perks of buying a van outright:

● You will have complete ownership of the van and the freedom to with it as you

● You’re not going to need to be concerned about any mileage restrictions.

● You can make the van your own and keep it to your own personal standards.

● There is just one set payment rather than smaller instalments, for some people,
this is much preferable.

Buying a van can provide you with lots of flexibility in regards to how you choose to use it,
but for many is a big expense that needs to be considered. In addition, leasing a van
allows you to spread the costs - but for some can feel a bit restrictive. Both are viable
options and in taking the time to research both options you are sure to make an informed
decision that is right for you.

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